How to Make a Popplet, a Collaborative Mind Mapping Tool

Popplet is an online tool for visually organizing your ideas and projects. This process is also referred to as ‘mind mapping.’ Popplet is available as a browser-based web tool or as an app for mobile devices and tablets. We will be focusing on the web tool as it presents the most functional free version of the experience. The iOS app version limits you to just one project in the free, or ‘Lite’ version. The full version costs $4.99.

If you head over to you can start to see how the tool works. Basically you create connections and clusters between ideas or tasks on a virtual whiteboard. So you might use Popplet to present your research on a particular subject, adding details around and connected to your core subject. Or you could use it to map out the various phases of a project, clustering the detailed steps around each phase.

Click here to read this entire article.

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